Our Deacons assist our pastor with caring for members of our church family. We pray and support those who are facing trials in life. We are committed to helping people experience the love of God during difficult times.

We believe the Bible is the infallible word of God. Our Christian education ministry is committed to teaching and equipping people through the word of God. We invite everyone to take time to read the Bible. We want to see people lives transformed as they come to know the word of God.

We invite everyone to join our family. Our new member' ministry welcomes everyone to our church family. We help connect new members to our family. We walk along side our new family members to ensure they are never alone.

The men of our church family are committed to bringing support to other men in our church and community. We embrace all men as brothers. We believe in the God-given potential in all men to live a prosperous life. We are partnering with men to help them live a fully committed life to our Lord.

The women's ministry is a ministry of sisters supporting other sisters. We believe God has empowered women to help reach families in our church and community. We are women committed to helping others experience the life changing power of Christ.

CT Kids Zone is a fun place for children to learn the word of God. We welcome all children between the ages of 4yrs-old and 12 yrs-old. We invite all parents to let children enter the Kids Zone. They will have lots of fun as they grow in their faith in God.

Our mother’s ministry are women of faith providing support for our pastor and congregation. They are seasoned saints that help teach young women how to grow to become mature women of faith.